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What is Starwall AR?

The app. allows you to put away the measuring tape to plan the construction of an aluminum partition at home or in the office.

Watch the media report to witness it yourself.

( Only in french )

Starwall | Augmented reality

Tired of the same old interior? Our augmented reality application will revolutionize the way you decorate your home or office. Using our application, you can quickly create a realistic representation of your interior design choices.

With the camera of your phone, move in  your space and the visualisation of your Starwall partitions will be done in a few minutes! Place walls using augmented reality and get measurements right in the app. Switch up styles and colors and you'll have a complete project in no time.

Easily get an estimate for your renovation by the press of a couple of buttons. Fill out the form and we will quickly give you a quote based on your project specifications.

01 | Download and install

Download the app to your phone and it installs automatically.

The application at the end of the other applications list, we suggest that you move it to the first page.

02 | Scan floors

Before starting a new project, it is recommended to kill and restart the application.

Aim at the floor and scan the surface, the app will go to the next step automatically when enough of the surface is captured.

03 | Caution when using for the first time

The tutorial is a little bit restrictive because the first time using the app, you must do the operations or you will not be able to go to the next step. Especially the moment when you have to press the trash can for the first time.

03 | Send us your creation

Once satisfied with your creation send us the result and you will quickly receive a budget price .

Compatibility and Download

To download the application, if you are not already on this platform, get on your phone. The application works on a majority of recent phones. Note that its not compatible with computers.

On the other hand, some tablets are compatible, check if your tablet support augmented reality by visiting the manufacturers' sites.

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